When tenants turn nasty!

One of the most horrible experiences, with regards property rental, is when the tenants turn nasty. Problems often arise with tenants due to a number of factors such as lack of payment of the rent or rent arrears, damage or neglect of the property or antisocial behaviour. All of the above should be clearly set out, in any contract that the tenant signed, as a breach in the contract that will lead to the eviction of the tenant. If you are unsure of how to set a contract for rental agreement then you should really take up the services of a property manager who has the legal expertise to know what your rights are with regards tenants in your property.

If your tenant is not paying their rent then you must either, come to some written agreement on when the money will be paid or have it written into your contract that failure to pay by a certain date will lead to eviction and prosecution. It is advisable to have a written contact that you have both signed prior to the tenants moving in even if they are friends or family members because legally you will not have a leg to stand on if there is no contract.

With regards damaging or neglecting the property, your tenant should have paid a security deposit prior to taking up the tenancy and you should remind them that they will not get this returned to them if the property is not in a suitable state during their occupancy. If you are worried about dealing with tenants on a personal basis, especially intimidating problem tenants, you really should consider hiring the services of a property manager who will be able to mediate your concerns and needs with the tenant as well as their needs. In addition, property managers are experts at dealing with maintenance of a property and will even carry out cleaning and repairs on a property if there has been any damages.


Antisocial problems can occur if there are conflicts between neighbours and residents. This type of problem should never really occur with a property if you have selected the most suitable tenant for the property. For example you should not allow a group of students to rent a property in a street primarily occupied by pensioners. Is you use your common sense when selecting tenants for a property then you should never have to deal with these sorts of problems.

Unfortunately if the problems between yourself and the tenant are not cleared up then the only option that you might be left with is to evict the tenant. However this is very unpleasant and can often be very difficult financially as well as emotionally. Property managers are wonderful resources as they understand the correct way to file for an eviction as well as where you stand legally.

Problem tenants are a landlords worst nightmare and for landlords this can be a really horrible situation. However, problems with tenants can easily be avoided if you select the correct tenants in the first place.

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