How to have a stress free moving day?

If you are expecting new tenants, there are some things you can do ahead of time to ensure you have a hassle-free moving day.

You may provide ample paperwork and guidance ahead of time, but as moving is often named as one of the most stressful life events, things can be forgotten or overlooked. As a landlord, you can provide some support that makes things a little easier for your tenants and less stressful for you in the process…


Prepare the property



In between tenancies is a great time to carry out professional cleaning, take care of any repairs, and refit any appliances or furniture to ensure it is safe and secure for habitation. Once this is complete, you can carry out a property inspection to determine the state of the property as it is being entered, and document the findings on the property inventory.


Send important documents ahead of time


Prior to the moving-in day, you might want to send your tenants a moving house to do list. This could include details about how to set up a direct debit to pay rent, contact details (including for emergencies), instructions for setting up utility accounts (and broadband if needed), the date and time for key exchange, any parking rules and regulations that could impact moving vehicles and more.


Create a tenant welcome kit


In addition to the moving home checklist, you can also leave a welcome kit that provides details for after the move-in is complete. In addition to the paperwork, you might want to leave a few essentials such as toilet paper, paper towel, washing up liquid, bottles of water and snacks. If you’re allowing personalisation, you may go so far as to include vouchers for paint, or preferred methods for picture hanging, such as self-adhesives that don’t require nails. All of this can help tenants feel more at home, and therefore more likely to treat the property as a home rather than a rental.


Make yourself available



Understand that the moving process can throw up unexpected issues no matter how much planning ahead has taken place, so make sure you are available on the day your tenants move to answer phone calls. It might be the answer requires a quick text or it may be that you are needed on site in the case of an emergency – whatever the case, try to schedule any holidays or away time around move-in days if you do not have a property manager who can handle this on your behalf.


In conclusion


Moving can be a stressful time for tenants, but equally, for landlords it can also bring a great deal of hassle in the way of paperwork and organisation. By planning ahead as much as possible, scheduling and/or delegating tasks so that nothing is left to the last minute and working with a dedicated letting agent, you can reduce this stress and better the chances of a successful moving day.

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