How To Create A Peaceful And Comfortable Home Environment

In our everyday hectic lives it can be difficult to find the time to stop and relax, and indeed the right space in which to do so, which is why more and more of us are turning to home décor to turn living quarters into a peaceful haven.

From the Japanese principles of Zen or the Scandi notion of Hygge, cultures around the world have been looking to home accessories to create peaceful living spaces for centuries. If you’re looking to carry out a little home improvement of your own to make your space more inviting and calming, you’ll be happy to know you don’t always need a large space or a big budget – here, we look at some simple tips you can try to make your home that little bit more comfy and a lot more peaceful….


Turn to nature

Bringing the outdoors in is central to practices such as Hygge, and is relatively easy to do with the purchase of some simple houseplants and or flowers. You can also opt for fake foliage if you’d like less hassle but still want to enjoy the serenity of having greenery in the home. Plant potters made from materials like clay and terracotta used either for plants or general storage can also make space seem more in touch with nature and more inviting.


Consider colour

It has been shown that colours such as green and blue having calming effects (which is where having greenery in the home can help), but you can also look to adding these colours into the home in other ways too. If you’re considering carrying out a more substantial house renovation, you could look at painting entire rooms or accent walls in these soothing hues, but you can also use paintings, textiles, and accessories to achieve a similar vibe.


Soften the room

You can make your rooms feel and look a little softer with a combination of lighting and textures. If you have hardwood flooring, you may want to consider putting down soft rugs throughout, but especially in the bedroom so the first thing your feet touch in the morning is soft and cosy. If you’re going for a full renovation, you may opt for the installation of carpets. Choosing warm lighting is another way to soften up spaces, so change bulbs in existing light fixtures or invest in some lamps that could spotlight a room with warmth.


Think of all the senses

Of course, it’s one thing for a space to look the part, but you want your home to feel just as comfortable and relaxing to all the senses. Calming music and sounds can help with this, so find your favourite playlist and play it on speakers (whether you build these into your rooms or opt for portable Bluetooth depends again on the scale of your renovation). Scents can help too – things such as candles, incense sticks and diffusers in scents such as lavender, sea salt, and vanilla can be especially calming.


In conclusion

Research has shown that our work and living environments affect our mood and mental health, which is just another great reason why you might want to consider making yours as peaceful and calming as possible. No matter if you glean inspiration from nature, materials, textures or colour, with a blend of the right home design ideas, you can turn any sized living space into your own slice of tranquility.

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