Five common mistakes new landlords make

Getting started in the buy-to-let industry can be an exciting prospect, but it’s a process that can quickly become difficult and expensive if some basic mistakes are made. While it may be especially tempting for ...

How to attract and keep good tenants

One way to reduce the level of property management required of a rental unit is to fill it with high quality tenants. Finding tenants that will treat your income property like their own home can ...

5 Ways to Become a Successful Landlord

Becoming a landlord by renting out your property is tricky, as there is a lot to the role. First time landlords need to do thorough research to ensure that they are prepared for every common ...

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Seeking Student Tenants? Then Study These 7 Top Tips

Looking to rent out your property to students? It’s not a bad idea. For starters, student rentals have been a massively growing market here in the UK – to the extent student landlords have been ...
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Property Manager

When tenants turn nasty!

One of the most horrible experiences, with regards property rental, is when the tenants turn nasty. Problems often arise with tenants due to a number of factors such as lack of payment of the rent ...
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